Tuesday 23 December 2014

Beautiful Brewing

Brewing coffee, to many people, is a morning chore. They wake up, scoop their canned Folgers into their automatic drip machine. press go and continue on with their morning. Five minutes later, their caffeine fix is ready to consume. The beans that have come so far, and that have been tirelessly hand picked and processed by hard working farmers, is then consumed without a second thought about where they came from.

Coffee to me is a beautiful thing. Single origin coffees, with their unique and wonderful complexity. A bean from Ethiopia, which has been growing there since before we were probably even humans. Has so much delicate flavour, subtle notes of blueberry, maybe figs, a light hint of chocolate. To me this is such a special thing that deserves to be cared for, brewed with simplicity and beauty.  My favourite method for this is the Chemex. 

The Chemex was designed in 1941 by a German chemist. His love and care for coffee inspired him to design a hand pour over system that has not changed since the day he invented it. The Chemex does not only help you prepare beautiful tasting coffee. It is also a piece of art in it self. The Chemex coffee brewer has a permanent spot in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The Chemex allows you to control the extraction by hand and the cone design makes for a perfect, chemistry approved, extraction every time. The resulting coffee is clean, bright, and void of oils and fats from the beans. Enjoy this coffee as it was meant to be enjoyed, black. It truly is a thing of beauty. 

I have made a short video showing the beauty of Chemex extraction. Please enjoy!

I understand that not everyone has the time for this kind of special attention for coffee. But for those of you that do, I hope that you get as much joy out of it as I do. Thanks for watching. Dave 


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