Saturday 9 February 2013


Part of my obsession with coffee is the art of making a drink look good. Latte art is becoming more and more popular as baristas around the world try to express their creative sides through the canvas that is espresso in a cup. Creating latte art is a lot harder than it looks, in order to do it correctly, you must first perfect the texturizing of your milk. The perfect milk for art is creamy, shiny micro foamed milk, absolutely no visible bubbles. Once this is perfected, you begin your pour into the espresso with a thin slow stream from up high, slowly filling the cup you begin to thicken your stream of milk while very slightly waving the pitcher back and forth, hopefully, creating something beautiful in your cup! Practice practice practice, the only way to figure out how to do it. I have a ton of fun learning this art, below are some pics of my personal bests so far. 

Oh, and they taste really good too!! :)