Monday 5 November 2012

Almost free coffee table

Along with my obsession with Coffee, Beer and Food, I sometimes enjoy making random stuff. My most recent projects have all included pallets. Pallets can be found almost anywhere for FREE...which is awesome, free wood. With a little hard work and some creative thinking, you can make some pretty awesome stuff from pallets. 

My Fiance and I recently moved to Vancouver and into a new apartment, so we needed a coffee table, so for a summer project I decided to make my own coffee table and save myself a few hunded $$$ !!  I found some really cool small pallets at a security place, they say "property of royal canadian mint" on them, in French and English. I thought this was pretty cool and adds a lot to the look of the table.

Unfortunately I made this table before I started this blog, so I have no pictures of the process. However its pretty simple to do. All you need is 2 pallets, some tools, some cool hinges, sandpaper and your choice of stain. 

To make the table I first took apart the first pallet, carefully. Then I put all the slats close together to create the tabletop. Now flip the second pallet upside down and place them on top of each other. screw on the hinges..SAND FOR A LONG TIME till nice and smooth...stain, clear coat, wheels, COMPLETE.  SIMPLE.

 Have a look at my finished product, turned out pretty good.

I decided to put hinges on one side to allow me to use the inside of the table as storage. It worked out really well. All my lame board games fit perfectly inside. As well as my cat. 
The imperfections in the wood give it a ton of character. It looks like it would splinter, but I loaded TONS of clear coat on and it sealed it right up. Im super happy with the way it turned out. 
Now I can enjoy my amazing Vancouver beer with my feet up on my almost free coffee table, cheers!! 


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