Wednesday 5 September 2012

Epic Aeropress Coffee

This is my first post ever!! So I thought I would start with something I do every morning. My epic Aeropress Coffee!

I recently came into the possession of the most amazing little coffee maker. It's called an Aeropress.. This little plunger thing makes an absolutely mean cup of coffee. Since I started using it, my espresso machine sits there unused, as this thing is super quick and makes super tasty coffee.

There are many different methods to make good coffee when using the aeropress... everyone has their own personal preference.... Here is my method. It's not exact, but its awesome and easy to replicate. 

First, you will need an Aeropress. Get one here >>

Make sure you get the optional reusable metal filter. The paper filters it comes with work great, but the metal filter makes it so you can use a finer grind. Finer grind = better tasting coffee. It's worth the extra $20. 
What you need:

Just below boiling water 
2 Aeropress scoops of fresh coffee beans
Awesome small coffee mug 
Less than a min of your time.

Now my method is pretty simple, I pretty much do exactly what the instructions tell you to do, with just one little difference, "the pull back". So I will go through the steps starting from the beginning. 

-  Boil water and let water sit for 1 min
-  While the water is boiling, grind your beans about halfway in-between a paper filter and espresso
-  Fill aeropress with coffee 
-  Add water to the #4 line (with aeropress on your mug)
-  VIGOROUSLY stir for 10 sec
-  Plunge halfway down, ***then pull almost all the way back up**** 
-  continue plunging till you cant plunge anymore

Your coffee should have some lovely "crema" on the top, the pull back up after the half plunge makes this coffee just that much better. If its too strong you can always add water like you would to an americano. I like it as is ;) 

Enjoy your Epic Aeropress Coffee! And be sure to experiment with it for yourself, everyone has their own taste! 

Just a note, the mug used in this post was made by my girl Jen, check out her DIY here! :)



  1. It looks so easy! This would make an awesome Christmas gift for a coffee drinker!


  2. That's awesome! I've got a french press but have been thinking of upgrading to one of these. Is is worth it / what's the difference?

    1. Hey Dorian!

      French press coffee and Aeropress can both be very good. The benefit with Aeropress is that it gives you a lot more options for brewing methods so you can make it your own. However with the French press, you get a very good traditional cup of coffee with all the good oils still in the coffee. With the aeropress you do loose some of those oils, which add to the flavour and feel of the cup. It really comes down to personal preference! French press coffee is amazing, but you can also get some awesome results from the aeropress.

      I would suggest trying it out! You can never have too many coffee makers in my opinion :)